Exceptional vineyards owe everything to their soil, topography, and climate. Location matters – as does time. Our decades spent living on and farming this special piece of earth have given us a deep understanding of the land, the unique soil variations, rootstock adaptations, clonal selections and, most importantly, how these elements work together to influence our sustainable viticultural practices.

This intimate balance produces truly remarkable grapes.

Vineyard Block Map

Rising Above

Something magical happens within our perch above the Alexander Valley floor in the Mayacamas Mountains. Here, at elevations of 1,300 – 1,500 feet above sea level, the warm valley air mixes with coastal influences from the Pacific, and bright sunlight, above the fog line, floods the Southwestern-facing slopes and mountain valleys. Our elevation also helps extend our growing season well into the late autumn, providing for longer hang time and flavor development.

The Foundation of Excellence

Across the Ranch, we have carefully cultivated over sixty distinct vineyard blocks with six grape varietals; each block selectively planted to one of six different root stocks designed to thrive with the nuances of the soil in which they grow. With over nine different soil types, including outcroppings of limestone that dot our property, a rare phenomenon in California, no two blocks are farmed the same. This unique, rocky soil gives our grapes a distinct characteristic seldom found elsewhere in the state.

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